Stephany Marlene
Software Designer | Architect
With 12+ years of multi-disciplinary professional experience, I have developed to prioritize user-centered design thinking, promoting the culture of product, accessibility and holistic design in all the teams I work with.

By collaborating with cross-functional teams, I lead design by initially understanding the brand and purpose of the product, then actively engaging in the discovery and shaping of human-centered solutions.

My experience ranges from Branding, Marketing and Interior Design, to the creation of digital interfaces of SaaS and B2B projects with product strategy, roadmap planning, user experience, and stakeholder alignment.

I am a results-oriented professional, driven by a passion for innovative problem-solving and Product-Thinking. My approach is analytical, complemented by a creative vision, which culminates in tangible and/or visible results.

Software: Figma, Adobe, Microsoft 365, and Autodesk.

Languages: Spanish, English, and Norwegian.
stephanymarlen3 @
Stavanger, Norway